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What is the Vergers Guild of the Anglican Church in North America ?

 The Vergers Guild of the Anglican Church in North America exists to be a resource to active Vergers serving in ACNA Parishes across the entire Province. The Guild assists in connecting individual Vergers and Parishes which have a Verger Ministry, as well as Parishes who desire to form a Verger Ministry, by providing resource sharing, training and mutual encouragement  and comradery among those interested in the Verger Ministry.  The ACNA Guild of Vergers maintains a website and a Facebook page for the dissemination of information regarding the activities of the Guild.

What is a Verger ?

Vergers are lay ministers who assist the Clergy in planning and conducting Worship Services in the Anglican Church and are used in many Parishes in the ACNA. Their roles can vary from Parish to Parish, however, in most Parishes they generally assist in ensuring that the Acolytes, Lay Readers and Lay Eucharistic Ministers are present, properly vested and prepared for the Service. Prior to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, they ensure that everything that the Priest will need during the service has been prepared properly. Vergers lead the processional into the Church at the beginning of the Liturgy.  They may assist with distribution of the Holy Eucharist and are on hand throughout the Service to step in and deal with any issues that may arise, which might otherwise distract the Clergy during the Service.  They serve at weekly Worship Services on Sundays and may also be called upon to serve at special Services, such as Weddings, Funerals and Ordinations.

Ultimately, a Vergers job is to have their eyes on all the intricate details that go into the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, so that the Priest is free to focus on their job of nourishing God’s people in Word and Sacrament.

Annual Conferences

 The ACNA Guild of Vergers hosts an annual conference for all active vergers, individuals who are aspiring to become Vergers, those interested in learning more about the Verger Ministry to form a Verger Ministry at their Parish and ACNA Clergy who desire to support the Verger Ministry throughout the Province.

 Generally, the Annual Conference is held in the fall and rotates venues to various ACNA Parishes throughout the Province.  The Conference allows Vergers, aspiring Vergers and ACNA Clergy throughout the Province to gather for fellowship, networking, resource sharing and continuing education.  The Annual Conference is open to all active Vergers serving in an ACNA Parish, any individuals who are interested in becoming a Verger, or forming a Verger ministry at their Parish and all ACNA Clergy.

For more information about the Vergers Guild of the Anglican Church in North America you can contact the Guild at:, or by phone at (404) 886-9043. Or you can find us on Facebook at: